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Who we are

We are those who love bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies in general. We are from every corner of the globe and we gather here.

We want to make bitcoin and its technology - Blockchain popular all over the world.

We have invested in bitcoin and cryptocurrency since 2015, some just since 2021. After all these years, we have become rich. Some of us are traders, some are holders, some are project developers. We are confident that we can spread our knowledge to help people. We give you the fishing rod so that you can catch the fish.

This website was established so that we can share our knowledge with everyone who wants to access the technology of the future from now on, it is still early. We operate not for profit, this is the true read-to- learn -> learn-to-earn for everyone.


Our team

We don't want reveal, and we don't want to build communities for profit purposes. We simply want to share the knowledge in our heads, with you.

Team Photo

Gabrielle Winn

Team Photo

Mario Palmer

Managing Partner
Team Photo

Kelly Williams

Marketing Strategist